Day 108

Day 108

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When I woke up, there was a variety of changes. I have to admit, I was a bit confused at first due to the sheer level of changes to my body and power, but I think I'll manage.

First, my body.

My Rank-Up turned my body into an Apostle Lord {Extinct Species}

My first response was wondering what this species had been. 

More than likely they were a powerful race in the past, though very few in number, that eventually died out.

I had originally been around two and a half meters in height, though now I stand at roughly only two meters. More or less, my body had become that of a tall man. 

To compare though, my muscles and hands might be smaller, but are more than a dozen times more dense than they had previously been. I'd have to say that I'm more than a dozen times more powerful than when I was an Ogre, at the very least. My body now makes the power I felt when I was an Ogre feel similar to the gap between when I was a Goblin to when I became an Ogre. The power difference was immense.

It's either because of the Rank-up, or because my body and power had changed significantly, but now, the Silver Arm had changed its shape to fit my body perfectly.

I'm sure that if I manage to Rank-Up in the future, the arm will change with me further.

My skin is still black, but my reddish tattoos have turned into a deep golden color. In addition, I grew an extra horn in the middle of my forehead. It points directly upwards in an arc. My horns are thicker and far sharper than they were previously. I tried head butting the wall to test it out, only to almost cause a cave-in due to my greatly enhanced strength.

My hair had grown down to my waist.

I was about to cut it, mostly because I don't fancy having long hair, when Alchemist-san interfered. It seems that she really liked my new appearance and didn't want me to change it. When she started to pout, that was the end of me trying to shorten my hair. I tied it up with some golden thread into a ponytail. I have a feeling that my hair will become Alchemist-san's toy for quite some time.

My eyes had turned blood red, the same color as Dhammi-chan's. My vision had also become so crisp that I can read from a book from nearly fifteen meters away. It seems Dhammi-chan also has this level of vision and can use it to see great distances. I'll have to experiment with it later.

On the matter of the Ogre Orbs that the Lord species receive, I have five of them. The first is buried in to my chest. Two more are in each elbow, and the other two are in both of my knees. The colors of these were a mix of black, red, and gold. I do not know what sort of powers these Orbs entail, but all I know is that I haven't released all of this body's powers yet. I'll need to take the opportunity to fully test out this body later.

My current form as an Apostle Lord seems to have a sort of biological armor. It's similar to what Dodome-chan can create, a type of demonic energy field embedded in to my flesh. Oddly enough, my body had been equipped with underwear and pants.

The pants were unique, and when I tested the pants out to see the resistance, they were resistant to cutting and everything else. It would seem that the pants are very unique, it appears that these pants have the highest resistance to blades. No matter how much pressure I put straight down my leg, the blade would never go through. I ended up breaking the blade before doing any damage to the fabric, mostly due to my excessive strength.

It seems that because this equipment is armor, I won't be able to change out of it due to it being a part of my body. It can be removed of course, but I have an incompatibility with other clothing for the most part.

The only real thing I'm unhappy about having this biological armor is that it leaves me half naked, leaving me only in pants. My abs are totally exposed.

Redhead found it interesting and had a thorough investigation of my new body... I'm not much for exhibition, though I'm not cold either, nor am I ashamed that I'm exposed. 

Since my figure isn't too intimidating, very few people will become frightened from my current form. I probably won't even need to don a cloak in town. Aside from that, those are all of my physical changes.

Then, apparently both of the sisters gained a new profession after they woke today. They gained [Job-Demon Child's Holy Mother], which gives their bodies a slight change to identify them as the child's mother. It is gained by becoming the mother of a child of a demon lineage.

While it has a negative connotation to become the mother of a demon child, it is the symbol of the bond between the two parents and their child. Hearing this, I couldn't help myself and hugged the four of them.

Auro and Argento are wearing some children's clothing that the Sisters and I had made. By now the children are able to form basic sentences. When I heard "Papa, Papa I love," my heart melted just a bit. There truly isn't anything better than this.

Back to the order of events for today. When I had first woke up, the first person to see me was the Princess, who was quite shocked and let out a scream. The Boy Knight quickly came to investigate, followed by everyone else. Though after a few seconds of fear, the fact that my body was the same color hinted to whom they were looking at. Given my hair was the same color, the Tomboy Princess was actually the first person to figure out who I was, climbing onto my shoulder. Her doing that brought everyone else to the realization of my identity. 

I can't say that I looked too different, but my getting smaller and having different tattoos, as well as my much more potent aura that my body gives off, I can't say I blame them from being cautious.

Oh right. I forgot to mention; I had been previously hiding my color to prevent the Princess and other humans from discovering my blessings from a greater god. It would have been troublesome if I were to be attacked from this being revealed. 

Well, it doesn't really matter if only these two found out, it's not as if they are going to attack me because I have a Greater God's blessing.

I started to attempt to revert my color, but it seems that the base color for this species was black skin to begin with, so I found no reason to change it.

With the other girl's consent, I kept my new appearance as is.

I'm still curious as to why I have received such a powerful blessing from a Greater God, but such questions will be answered with time I'm sure. For now, the Princess has stated that she'll keep the secret of my blessing.

My body turned out to be quite hard to move around in. Since everything was smaller than it had been before, with far more power, not breaking everything and adjusting my grip had become quite the annoyance. I ended up spending an hour or so getting used to moving around in my new form.

One last note would be that I am quite curious as to the last two skills that were locked. I'm quite distressed as to what conditions I still need to complete.

Well. After a while, we had breakfast. I was far more hungry than usual and ate nearly three times as much as I used to eat.

After that, we set out. The Princess continued to ride on my shoulder, and we progressed through the mountains as far as we could today. The view was breathtaking.

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