Sidestory: Kumajiro's POV

Day 103 Sidestory: Kumajirou's POV

Kuma~ went food hunting with the master.

Kuma~ was so excited. Like going to the forest for the first time.

It's Kuma~'s first time to catch so many preys.

Kuma~ returned home carrying the red lizards on my back like a horse, and then master gave compliments to Kuma~.

Kurosaburou and Kuma~ hunts more when we are together, Kurosaburou and Kuma~ got more compliments.

Kurosaburou and Kuma~ did our best today.

Master gave Kuma~ a lot compliments.

Kuma~ is stuffed with delicious foods.

Since Kuma~ became sleepy, Kuma~ sleep in the bone house.

When I was sleeping, it became warm. Kuma~ felt hot.


[ Kumajirou level Increased ]

[ Kumajirou's collaboration with Kurosaburou became better ]

[ Kumajirou firmly grew larger and stronger ]

Day 103 == Sidestory: Kumajirou's POV == Day 104

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