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Day 9

It rained today. It was a downpour.

That's why, I'm using the raw materials I got yesterday to craft a new armor inside the cave. The last time I talked to him, Gobujii told me about the needle like [ Steel Grass ] and the sturdy string like [ Slender Ivy ] that grew in the vicinity which I used to make my and Gobukichi-kun's armors, so yesterday on the way back we gathered some more, to use when sewing with the Armored tanukis' skins and the Night vipers' skins.

The first thing I made was my body armor. I made a shirt using the Armored Tanukis' skin reinforced with their shells in the back. It was okay to use the Armored Tanukis' shells for the front and the back, but this time I will use it only in the back. And I used the Horn rabbits' horns previously used to protect the back to eliminate the gaps in the front.

With this, I have finally ranked up my garment from the worn-out loincloth.

The previous armor from before? No, those were only horns fastened with ivy; therefore it cannot be called clothes. Moreover, the worn-out loincloth is still equipped by default.

Next I made a wooden square, and used the remaining shells to reinforce it.

Although it is still quite shabby, with this, a sturdy shield has been completed. This was a present to Gobukichi-kun. Well, I use the dual-wield style, and the shield would be too over-sized for me to use. So, Gobukichi-kun should use it since he's the vanguard. Besides, he is capable of using the club one-handed now, and not using the other hand would be wasteful.

When I handed it over, he was very happy. Gobukichi-kun was equipped with his wooden club which was as thick as his torso, the wooden shield reinforced with the Armored Tanuki's carapace, and the wooden torso armor. Yes, this is pretty good.

Next is Gobumi-chan's body armor.

I used the snakeskin, the Seven Colored bat's wings, and a few horns, then stitched all of these together, the result is a body armor that felt a little like an ethnic costume. Because it was made using the Seven Colored bat’s wings it is quite vibrant; however, the wings proved to be surprisingly robust and elastic. Since the horns were arranged to protect the vitals, the minimum required level of defense is ensured.

After that, I tried to make a necklace out of the Seven Colored bat's fangs. Well, I felt that I didn’t really have any options for using them, so I made it as a bonus.

The finished product was presented to Gobumi-chan. She was very happy too.

That’s right. Next time, I craft something I’ll try to make weapons for myself, new armor for Gobukichi-kun, and a bow and quiver for Gobumi-chan.

Ah, today’s meal was what I ate during my infancy period - it was just few days ago though - , the caterpillar-like insects. These could be gathered in the cave.

Because it's unexpectedly tasty, this bug can not be underestimated. Though I can't learn anything from eating it.

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Day 9