Day 6

Day 6

Apparently, newborn Goblins are weak enough to be easily defeated by Horn Rabbits, and because of this, nuts were the staple food which most of them ate in order to survive, or so I’m told by Gobumi-chan. You see, Gobumi-chan was another Goblin from our generation, and although she had “beauty” in her name, it’s a pity that she wasn’t that beautiful. All the Goblins (the small fries) had the same ugly face, so there wasn’t much of a difference. Me? I’m no exception. I confirmed this while washing my body in a nearby river.

Well, according to Gobumi-chan, the other Goblins couldn’t compare to my good looks. I didn’t rejoice when she told me I was handsome. To what degree is a Goblin even considered handsome anyway?

I stared into the distance for a moment.

By the way, after asking Gobumi-chan for her opinion on Gobukichi, it turns out that he’s normal–that’s good.

Going back to the story, Goblins are fundamentally weak by nature. Therefore individuals with wisdom and luck seem to survive. Only a selected few with that degree of capability can be considered a true companion in order to survive. Tough indeed.

Well, I asked Gobumi-chan–precisely how many Goblins. She said many have fallen prey from the horn of the Horn Rabbit.

After hearing those words, I thought, “Eh? Seriously?” though the words flowed out of my mouth. After all, average-sized Horn Rabbits are only a bit bigger than the Japanese rabbit. Moreover, apart from its length, the Horn Rabbit makes efficient use of its two legs to execute an overhead attack to kill Goblins…. Oh, I suppose that it’s possible.

After all, these primitive creatures aren't that smart.

To strike and kick as an attack was typical.

Fighting bare-handed will certainly get you killed.

The horn of the Horn Rabbit is a weapon. Only idiots will fight it upfront while being unarmed. Having a small body may also be a reason. The horn will pierce from below and towards the abdomen.

However, recently Gobukichi imitated me by equipping a wooden stick and I've even seen other clever Goblins equipping it here and there.

That day I made Gobumi-chan as the third person in hunting as a reward for the information. Horn Rabbits are seriously delicious.

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