Day 4

Day 4

I went hunting for the first time since reincarnating into a goblin. Those who do not work do not eat. Newborn Goblins were restricted to eating chubby caterpillars for nourishment–no, I’m not saying I don’t like them; they’re unexpectedly delicious, but we didn't have an unlimited supply of them. Hunting was unavoidable since rations were no longer available according to the goblin manager.

Only after the fourth day since birth is one forced to hunt. It teaches one the strict laws of nature. As expected, it would be too hard to do alone. I made a buddy/sacrificial pawn, named Gobukichi, by using some lies and flattery while we walked in the forest.

The goblins in this world seem to be idiots.

Well, at least that made it easy to trick them.

Oh, that’s right. goblin breeding can be done between the same race. However, the conception rate seems to be low. To overcome that, they kidnap women and violate them until they’re pregnant.

You see, yesterday I found a rusty sword near the back of the cave. While picking up the sword, I stumbled across a room with several women. Many of them were stripped to rags, even though their levels were higher than those of the goblins.

There was a beautiful child in an extremely cruel state. Her whole body was defiled by a cloudy liquid, and her vitality, which seemed to grow weaker with every breath, was ever more fleeting. She was surely on the verge of death–a severe incident to be aware of.

It was easy to guess that they had been kidnapped. At my current strength, I know too well the extent of what I can do, so I can only pray as I clasp my hands with a “Namu Amida Butsu”. This was only a mere consolation though.

Perhaps one of them was my mother? But that’s too depressing to think about, so I’ll leave it alone for now…

Indeed, It was better for two to work together than to hunt alone, but it was regrettable that Gobukichi tried to eat the prey without my consent, so I hit him with a tree branch to teach him about hierarchies. Eventually he rolled over, so I switched to dismantling the spoils.

The result of our first glorious hunt was a light, brown rabbit that had a twenty cm long horn growing out of its forehead, so I decided to call it a Horn Rabbit. Though the horn was sharp, it was a bit small for a human to use. But because of that, it was the perfect size for a goblin. It didn’t cut like a blade, so piercing and thrusting it like an estoc would be a more suitable way to use it.

[ Goburou obtained small animal horn!!]

The moment I picked up the horn, an announcement resounded somewhere, but it was probably just my imagination.

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Oh,yeah. I forgot to tell you, but my current name is apparently Goburou. The goblin elder named me that when I opened my eyes for the first time.

Even though its not exactly to my tastes, I tolerated it since I don’t want to use the name I had before.

Basically, I gave up.

Even though I acquired the Horn Rabbit's horn as a lethal weapon, it was still troublesome to peel the skin off of its body. It was even more difficult to ignore the stares of Gobukichi while he drooled, which made his face even more ugly than usual. Wanting some peace, I decided to divide the Horn Rabbit in half and gave one to him. I tried my best to peel the skin off of mine, but it grew too troublesome, so I ate the meat together with the skin.

I was able to procure a weapon and eat fresh meat. This was indeed a significant first day. The meat was delicious; eating the mysterious insects hadn't been bad, but they just couldn’t beat real meat.

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