Day 3

Day 3

I’m determined to survive in my second life; yet after reincarnating, I decided to give up moving since it couldn't be helped.

Through my previous job, I had learned that living dirty and having the capability to quickly change one’s thinking were indispensable skills.

Apparently, the growth of a goblin is characteristically fast. Even though it's only the third day since birth, my body has been growing rapidly.

While my body used to be that of a baby before I went to sleep, its figure is now that of an elementary student’s. Although it's still weaker than before my reincarnation, compared to yesterday, my body’s power had sky-rocketed. I was able to stand up and even run at moderate speeds, so I felt indescribably happy. I frolicked instinctively, though it was childish. The stress of being unable to move as I liked had accumulated.

Well, this is only natural. When compared to the civilization built by humans, who grew up without worry of being attacked by a foreign enemy, goblins must deal with the fierce struggle for survival since the moment of their birth. The humans grew slower than the goblins who lived in the natural world, where the law of the jungle forced their offspring to grow faster.

Since my body could move now, I spent my time today learning this body’s limits. I did exercises with my body until I was comfortable with it, and collapsed from exhaustion in the end.

Still, this bed… don’t we have anything better?

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