Day 2

Day 2

I woke up with a click. When I opened my eyes to gather information, I couldn’t move my head for some reason. As a result, I wasn’t able to grasp a lot of information. Still, I was able to understand one fact; though it’s regrettable, the story about reincarnating wasn’t a dream I saw after I got drunk.

With a little more effort, and with my limited vision, I managed determine a few more facts. It appears that I'm in the middle of a cave. Signs of it being handmade weren’t present, so the possibility of it being natural is high. The feeling of the rags I used as a blanket is the worst. They felt stiff and they were clearly dirty. The soil on my back felt uncomfortable, and a pebble was digging into my skin so it hurt a little, though all of this doesn't matter.

More importantly...

There are a lot of ugly children who have green skin and sharp ears around me. Yeah, they are Goblins. They were covered by cloths just like mine snd sleeping. There were about thirty of them in my visible range, twenty of them being the size of a human baby. And the others were the same size as a human child; adults I presume.

…Well, that was the conclusive evidence that I reincarnated. Considering that if I move my hands, I can see baby skin identical to that of the surrounding Goblins, and on each of my five fingers sharp black nails are clearly visible. If I didn't reincarnate, then what else could it be?

In my past life I was an evolved human, an "ESPer" and after that I further upgraded to a strengthened human after undergoing a surgery, but now it seems I deranked to a Goblin, a creature even weaker than a normal human. I seriously cried for a moment. The reason why I can't move my body properly is probably because I'm still a newborn. Today, like any other Goblin child, I spent the day sleeping.

I wasn’t escaping from reality at all.

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