Day 2

Day 2

I woke up with a click. When I opened my eyes to gather information, I couldn’t move my head for some reason. As a result, I wasn’t able to grasp a lot of information. Still, I was able to understand one fact; though it’s regrettable, the story about reincarnating wasn’t a dream, or a delusion which I had created while being drunk.

With a little more effort, and with my limited vision, I could determine a few more things. It appears that I was in the middle of a cave. Signs of it being handmade weren’t found, so the possibility of it being natural was high. The feeling of the rags I used as a blanket was the worst. They felt stiff and they were clearly dirty. The soil on my back was uncomfortable, and a pebble was digging into my skin so it hurt a little, though it didn’t matter.

More importantly...

There were a lot of ugly children who had green skin and sharp ears. Although I was wearing a cloth, they were asleep and stark naked. There were about thirty in visible range, with twenty of them being the size of a human baby. The others were the same size as a human child; adults I presume.

…Well, that was the conclusive evidence that I reincarnated. Considering that if I move my hands, I can see baby skin identical to that of the surrounding goblins, and on each finger a sharp black nail was clearly visible. If I wasn’t reincarnated, what else could it be?

Though I wonder if this in itself is solid proof. My arms were exactly like that of the baby goblin sleeping next to me.

Apparently, the ESP ability I gained from strengthening surgery seemed to have decreased in rank due to the new body. I seriously cried for a moment. The body that I have doesn’t seem to move properly because I was a newborn. Today, like any other goblin child, I spent the day sleeping.

I wasn’t escaping from reality at all.

Day 1 == Day 2 == Day 3

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