Day 10

Day 10

I went out hunting.

Today’s spoils were Horn Rabbits, Night Vipers and Armored Tanukis.

It's a little regrettable that we weren't able to capture a Seven Colored Bat though. I felt that I was close to learning an ability from eating it, but it can’t be helped. Such things happen.

Ah, by the way, even though we encountered various creatures they all seemed to be a lot stronger than us, so we avoided them and hunted what we were used to.

Oh well, we’re steadily raising our level, so we’ll be able to hunt them eventually. Ah, since hunting is finished for today, I will explain what are "levels". Levels, simply speaking, are the representation of an individual's strength in an easy-to-understand manner.

Though I do not understand the working principles, when you squint a number will faintly appear floating in your field of vision. The maximum level that can be reached is 100, and this number can’t be exceeded. Incidentally, right now my level is 86 and, for a goblin, it is fairly high.

I think it might have risen so much quickly because I’ve been killing and eating higher rank creatures like Night Vipers without receiving a single injury.

Also, although it might be inconsequential, Gobukichi-kun is level 78 and Gobumi-chan is level 55. We're getting stronger at a good pace.

Nevertheless, even level 100 Goblin is still a small fry compared to other races, so right now level does not really matter.

However, in this world, there exists other more interesting phenomenons than levels.

According to Gobu-jii, when reaching level 100, growth stops there. However those individuals with potential to grow further do not stop there, but instead can grow stronger by going through an [ Evolution (Rank Up) ].

In short, individuals who have a high growth potential can evolve into a stronger race further increasing the individual's power. If you assume that today I will keep growing as well, then generally I’d first evolve into a [ Hobgoblin ] from a [ Goblin ], then into an [ Ogre ].

This is the general route.

Be that as it may, there exists other routes than to evolve into an ogre. Furthermore, what race you evolve into will depend upon what actions you have performed.

For example, those who are Ogres, drink the blood of a living prey , possess a certain level of intelligence, strength, and, above all, a high amount of pride, turn into [ Vampires ].

Those who are Ogres, prefer to use heavyweight weapons like axes and large swords, and have an unusually high strength and resilience turn into [ Minotaurs ].

Those who are hobgoblins, willing to eat rotten corpses’ flesh and bodily fluids, and finally start to eat even souls after becoming [ Ghouls ].

Those who are hobgoblins, excel in handling certain weapons such as swords, katana and spears, possess intelligence and skills closest to a human, become a completely different creatures called [ Half Lords ] from the [ Lord ] racial sub-family, for example, a [ Half Blood Lord ].

According to this system, by leveling up I’ll probably become something from the [ Oni (includes Ogres and Lords) ] racial family.

This law of the evolution of species is, to put it bluntly, very strange. However, since it actually happens, I can’t deny it; and for me who’s living in a world of survival of the fittest, it's quite useful.

Well, Gobu-jii says that usually [ Evolution (Rank Up) ] doesn’t happen early. Because I wanted to see how far I could go, I didn’t have a problem with that and decided to treat it as a challenge. Anyways, if for example, I were to become an ogre, I wonder what sort of evolution evolution path I have after that.

I don’t think I will turn into a Vampire, because I don’t really have very high pride.

Probably not a Minotaur, since I prefer light thrusting class weapons more than heavier weapons.

I really don't want to turn into a Ghoul.

Well, according to Gobu-jii Ghouls are undead, just like vampires, and there exists several different undead class evolution routes, for example the spell casting [ Lich ] or the headless horseman [ Dullahan ]. If you want to become an undead type monster, it is easier to turn into a Ghoul, Lich or a Dullahan than a Vampire, however losing the flesh of your body is a definite weakness.

The evolution route that seemed best suited to me from his explanation seemed to be the Lord racial sub-family route, who uses various types of weapons.

Oh well, I still have a long way to go and it's not happening anytime soon.

Since I was tired from thinking about all this and the night had already fallen, I went to sleep.

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