First seen in Day 114.
A One-eyed giant. One of them was insta kill to test out an ability.

Others were introduced Day 142. Considered the boss monster of Mine of the Cyclops dungeon found in the Labyrinth City Purgatory.

There are multiple different bosses within this dungeon. There exists 3 types of Cyclops that gives this dungeon it’s name as well as comprise of the boss monsters for the Mine of the Cyclops dungeon.

Wielding it’s massive yet sturdy longsword as if it were a mere twig, the youngest Cyclops, Longsword Bellula.

Wielding a massive mace that uses powerful magical strikes as it’s main method of attack, the female  Cyclops, Demon Songstress Hatchell.

And finally, wielding an enormous spiked hammer that can cause the very earth to shake and buckle when it’s smashed, the oldest and strongest of the three, Quake Hammer Gründ.

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