First seen in Day 174.

A ceremonial sword of the Royal Family of the Sternbild Kingdom.

Currently in the possession of the Tomboy Princess.

Unlike a normal sword, the ceremonial sword had a rounded tip. The length of the sword's blade made it easy for the Tomboy Princess to handle, and the shine that remained on the blade did not have even a single speck of cloudiness in it.

The sword that she drew is a type of sword called a Curtana, and it's an 【Ancient】 class magic item that possesses the 【Mercy】 and 【Condemn】 abilities.

With the 【Mercy】 effect, when the user feels compassion from the bottom of their heart towards the target that they're cutting, they'll be pardoned and the blade won't cut anything.

The target won't be killed and it seems they will normally believe that the ability was what saved them.

However, if even a tiny portion of her heart has not pardoned him, the Rock Hero's head would have been completely cut off. Even with his strong defense, his body would have been defenseless in front of 【Condemn】's ability to ignore the defenses of its target, though this is restricted to living things.