First seen in Day 103, in the Shirisuka Forest.


Most common in the <<Shirisuka Forest>>, the crystal crocodile is a creature about eight meters in length with skin and fangs made of quartz crystals.

Owning a mouth bigger than most Ogre's, Crystal Crocodile is ranked higher in strength, and there's been several instances when a Crystal Crocodile has managed to kill several Ogres at once.

The Crystal Crocodile is know to be a dangerous water creature. Most of the time, it will wait underwater for their prey to come close and then suddenly pounce out of the water. It's jaws will then crush whatever it was able to catch.


A creature about eight meters in length with skin and fangs made of quartz crystals.   


  • Ability unlocked [Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide]
  • Ability unlocked [Crystal Crocodile's Sharp Fangs]
  • Ability unlocked [Predator of the Water]



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