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First mentioned on Day 243

Introduction: Edit

The last field boss that Rou and the 8 Demon Generals fought before fighting the dungeon boss of "Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain" .

Appearance: Edit

Description according to Rou: The length of its body exceeded 100 meters and was flawlessly covered with beautiful scarlet scales. Behind his back were a set of wings that easily exceeded 200 meters in length. His head resembled a crossbreed of a lizard and a crocodile. He has 9 golden dragon eyes which he uses to study his opponents. Sharp teeth align together in his gigantic mouth.

Abilities: Edit

  • Dragon Flames hot enough to overwhelm heat absorbing metal and severely burn Asue's arms.
  • Dragon Blood which contains a large amount of dissolved magic, turning it into a dangerous substance that can cause one to die from madness if touched.

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