A village located relatively close to the Kuuderun Great Forest. It has many artisans that uses materials from the forest. The village have a few iron golems for defense, given to them by a kind stranger some time in the past, but not much else. Rou and his compatriots passed this village, as they headed for the city of Trient.


The village once had a contract with the Orcs of the forest, which guaranteed the artisans safety when they entered the forest, in exchange for a supply of slave girls to breed with. However, after Rou and his subordinates killed off the smarter Orcs, the less intelligent ones, being desperate and hungry, attacked the village and kidnapped some of the girls. The villagers managed to stave them of by using the iron golems, but were uncertain if they could survive a second attack. They contacted the guild, requesting the extermination of the Orcs, but then Rou appeared and offered them a cheaper contract for both the extermination and the villages protection.

The village accepted the contract, and Rou sent a Hobgoblin named Tetsu to do the job. After succeeding in bringing back the kidnapped girls, the village came to be on friendly terms with Parabellum.

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