First seen (and eliminated) in Day 80 (day 83 in the manga).

A chimera is a monster artificially created using various monsters

One belonging to the Strong Grandson seen and eliminated on Day 176. The last trump card of the Strong Grandson and the Nobles Faction after Rou and Kanami defeat the Water Hero and his 5 companions.

It was hidden in the depths of a mansion the Strong Grandson was hiding in, in the city of Sengrey in the Sternbild Kingdom.

Rou killed it and ate its flesh after he roasted it. He ate it along with everyone else.

The Chimera had a shape just like a Dragon Meatball.

Sown together in its huge round body are hardened dragon meat and several layers of dragon scales that are overlapping each other. It is capable of breathing a combination of 8 different [Dragon Venoms] used for torture and has 14 wings, long claws, and fangs made with magic metal, the sharpness and hardness incomparable to poorly made swords.

It had a grotesque appearance, but it was delicious roasted (to Rou).

Acquired Abilities

【Chaotic Ghost】
【Wailing Wyvern’s Body】

Mobile Game

In the Mobile Game, a Synthetic Beast (合成獣) depicted as a Lion with a Goat head on its back and a Snake's head for a tail is usually referred to as a Chimera in Greek Mythology.