This is a list of every Re:Monster character that has ever appeared in or been mentioned in the light/web novel and has been named. Note that some names have alternate spellings so this list features the most common spellings.


Name Gender Debut Specie Debut Job Debut Day Notes
Rou Male Goblin None 1 Main protagonist of the story.
Gobujii Male Old Goblin Counselor 1 Main protagonist's counselor
Kichi Male Goblin Tank 4 Main Protagonist's Best Friend and Rival
Gobumi Female Goblin None 6 Main Protagonist's primary love interest
Gobue Female Goblin None 21 Kichi's love interest (Formally debuts on day 21 but she was present on day 16 in the group that was kneeling)
Fean, Spinel Female Human Alchemist 27 Main Protagonist's love interest
Furado, Emery Female Human Blacksmith 27 Main Protagonist's love interest
Timiano, Alma Female Human Cook+Tailor 27 Main Protagonist's love interest
Timiano, Felicia Female Human Cook+Tailor 27 Main Protagonist's love interest
Walline, Rubellia Female Human Warrior 27 Main Protagonist's love interest
Sei Female Hobgoblin Mage 27
Sato Female Hobgoblin None 27
Returner Carbuncle None Artificial life-form created by Velvet
Velvet Male Unknown None Mummified in his Dungeon
Doriane Duboué Female Dryad None 41 Main protagonist's love interest
Mail Failo Rheinfall Female Elf None 52 Elf Maiden
Esseba Failo Rheinfall Male Elf None 54 Elf father
Kumajirou Hind Bear None 58 Main Protagonist's familiar
Kurosaburou Black Wolf Leader None 58 Main Protagonist's familiar
Kumakichi Hind Bear None Kichi's Pet
Fu Female Hobgoblin Mage 61
Ji Male Hobgoblin Cleric 61
Akitainu Male Kobold 60 Kobold Leader
Kirue Female Elf None 66 Present since day 47
Arue Female Elf None 66 Present since day 47
Therese East Eckermann Female Human Knight 68 Main protagonist's love interest
Lord Waisury Male Human Mage 68
Behn Male Human Priest 68
Levias Female Human Swordsman 68
Steel Crowback Male Human Knight 70
Me Female Dodomeki 81
McCool Say Male Human 98 Dubbed as the Boy Knight
Rubiria Female Human 99 Dubbed as the Tomboy Princess
Auro Female Ogre-Mixblood 106 Main Protagonist's first child
Argento Male Ogre-Mixblood 106 Main Protagonist's second child
Oniwaka Male High Ogre None 109 Main Protagonist's third child
Nicola Female Human 109 Main Protagonist's fourth child
Sigurd Ace Sven Male Human Berserker 116 Dubbed as the Avenger
Ramura Female Dragonewt 131
First Queen Female Human 131 Tomboy Princess' mother
Hyulton Male Midian Demon Emperor 141 Ruler of the Atarakua Demon Empire
Lionel Male Beastman Beast King 141 Ruler of the Estgrand Beast Kingdom
Sumeragi Kaede Female Human 143 Master Swordswoman from an Unknown Land
Liger Bazette Male Human 148 Gladiator King
Alrich Tin Agba Female Human Hero 149 Hero of Darkness
Freed Acty Male Human Hero 149 Hero of the Quivering Water
Gascade Barossa Meloi Male Human Hero 149 Hero of Iron Rock
Hoof Ain Female Elf Hero 149 Hero of Fortified Wood
Artunel Bayard Rickenbar Female Human Hero 157 Hero of Roaring Thunder
Ballark Barak Male Midian General 157 Scarlet Chief General
Opushii Female Apostle Lord None 217 Main Protagonist's 5th child

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