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Cervantes Alvantes
Biographical Information
Name Cervantes Alvantes
Aliases Meal Hero
Gender Male
Title(s) Hero of Cuisine
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Affiliation Lumen Holy Kingdom (former)


Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Novel Debut Day 336

Hero of Cuisine 】 Cervantes Alvantes, nicknamed as 『Meal Hero』.
Middle-aged man who originally come as commoner from his country. He has pleasing looks and plump body like a chick from Rou's perception due to his value to "meals".

In possession "Master of Cooking" 【Sacred Treasure】

  • Spirit Kitchen Knife of Cooking God(COOKING.OWNER)】,
  • Spirit Nabe of Cooking God(COOKING.OVAN)】 which is pan type

First met with Rou on Day 336 while he was planned to be captured alive by any means due to Rou admiration to his cooking skills and 【Sacred Treasure】. He is one those who awake in The Heroes Psalms which means became one of his important card.

In the end Rou able to "convince" 『 Meal Hero 』 to serve under his wings with "various" talk during the 1st day of Holy War.

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