The familiars were tamed by Rou using [ Job -  Monster Tamer ] he got Day 53 , obtained from consuming some human kidnappers.

Turning a monsters into a “familiar” with [Monster Tamer] rewrites a part of the monster's brain. At most Rou can set two owners, and the owners can talk with their pet with telepathy.

He started to tame some Hind BearsTriple Horned Horses and Black Wolves  to supply his group.

Rou captured four Triple Horned Horses and three Hind Bears Day 57:

  • Triple Horned Horses:

E, SatoMi and the Vice-Captain of Anger troops (Kichi troops) received one each

  • Hind Bears: Kichi, Sei and Rou received one each.

While the others where learning how to ride the new familiars, Rou went to serch for Black Wolves, on Day 58.

Rou caught 8 Black Wolves and a Black Wolf Leader. He kept the Leader for himself and gave the Black Wolves to Hatred , led by Sato.

From then on, Anger became a Hind Bear Cavalry and Hatred a highly mobile group with the Black Wolves.

Rou caught around 30 Falaise Eagles on his way back from the Royal Capital (First Expedition).

Rou caught 4 Big Coccos while going to the Royal Capital (Second Expedition), cause once a day at 2AM the Big Coccos seem to lay three eggs.

He turned a Bearbee Queen and childrens into familiars to produce honey during an expedition to the Jadar Mountains .