The familiars were tamed by Rou using [Job Monster Tamer] he got Day 53, obtained from consuming some human kidnappers.

Turning a monsters into a “familiar” with [Monster Tamer] rewrites a part of the monster's brain. At most Rou can set two owners, and the owners can talk with their pet with telepathy.

He started to tame some Hind Bears, Triple-horned Horses and Black Wolves to supply his group.

Rou captured five Three-Horned Horses and three Hind Bears day 57

Three-Horned Horses  -> E-chan, Sato-san Mi-chan, vice captain of Revolution troops(Kichi troops)

Hind Bears -> Kichi-kun, Rou, Sei-san

While the others where learning how to ride the new familiars, Rou went to serch for Black Wolves, on day 58.

Rou caught 8 Black Wolves and 1 Black Wolf Leader. He kept the Leader for himself and gave the Black Wolves to Red Surge, led by Sato-san.

From then on, Revolution became a Hind Bear Cavalry and Red Surge a highly mobile group with the Black Wolves.

Rou caught around 30 Falaise Eagles on his way back from the Royal Capital (first time).

Rou caught 4 Big Cocos while going to the Royal Capital (second time), cause once a day at 2AM the Big Cuckos seem to lay three eggs.

He turned a Berbee Queen and childrens into familiars to produce honey during an expedition to the Jadar Mountains.

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