• First seen in Day 74.
  • Name: Burst Seed
  • Habitat: Throughout the Kuuderun Great Forest, Scarian Forest Prison, etc.

Characteristics: Upon receiving impact, the hard seed will burst. The current species will burst into 3-8 pieces though there are many smaller variants.

Remarks: It is the only species edible. As it is, the seed is too hard to eat but it can be softened by boiling it for several hours. The texture and rich flavor would become similar to pork.

Additional Information: Upon scattering, it will attach to any unlucky or dead small animals nearby which it will use for nourishment.

While it is unlikely, it may grow faster, become harder, and its explosive power will be greater.

In that case, it would be known as 【Destructive Burst Seed】, the world’s strongest burst seed. Of the five 【God Class】 【Age of the God’s Dungeon】, it is confirmed to exist only in one location - at Orturia Extinction Forest.

At point blank range, it is capable of breaking Dragon Scales and Shells. It is said that adventurers who challenge the dungeon must first develop counter-measures for it.

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