First seen in Day 239.

One of the field bosses in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain. It is stationary and does not move from it's spot in the [Forest of Flaming Trees].

The 5th field boss seen by Rou and his 8 Demon Generals.

The first time it is killed, it drops 【Grave of the Diabolical Tree】 as a first time subjugation bonus.

Below needs editing, it was taken directly from the Day

We continued moving without any problems, arriving before a large flaming tree that stood alone in the center of a large circular clearing with a diameter of one kilometer.

This large flaming tree has a height of about 150 meters, with a trunk as thick as 6 ordinary flaming trees.

The color of its bark was close to blackish gray. Located on its trunk was something that looked like a screaming human face.

But what is more characteristic is the color of the flame.

The branches that spread through the sky above us were aflame with a clear blue fire. It was a beautiful and fascinating spectacle, with a somehow demonic glow.

This huge flaming tree was the 5th field boss the Blue Flame Devil Treant. And it was the last field boss that we could gather information about from the previous explorers.

Because of the lack of information from here on out, we'll have to tread carefully, but we'll think about that after defeating the Blue Flame Devil Treant.

The Blue Flame Devil Treant can be described as a kind of mobile [Devil Treant], one of the strongest among the species of [Devil Treant].

It is difficult to stop this enemy, as it can quickly shrug off any damage dealt.

It gathers natural magic from its surroundings via its vast roots, which it uses to heal any kind of wound in the blink of an eye, and its healing magic is especially powerful in this environment.

Although its magical attacks are seemingly classified as those with minimal offensive power, it instantly creates a powerful and sustained barrage of spells; it can be a very troublesome opponent.

Even high level combatants can be destroyed with enough time.

As the Blue Flame Devil Treant is probably the last field boss on the hillside, it should be the fiercest opponent so far when confronted directly.

But it is fortunate that the Blue Flame Devil Treant will not move from its position, and as such can be attacked from afar with a preemptive strike.