Black Wolf Leader is a Subspecies of Black Wolf. It is a superior creature which generally leads a Black Wolf pack. Upon Ranking Up, they can become an Orthrus.

One was made into a familiar by Rou, and it eventually ranked up into an Orthrus.


The Black Wolf Leader has almost the same appearance as a normal Black Wolf, with the exception of being more than twice as big, an additional tail and increased hair growth under the chin causing a menacing looking beard.


As the pack leader of a pack of Black Wolves, these creatures naturally have abilities that reflect their status as leaders.

Obtainable Skills

  • Pack Leader: Allows the user to choose the most suitable person for a task more quickly.
  • Pack Hunting Knowledge: Allows the user to issue more orders and have them followed efficiently. 
  • Steel Skin: Increases the protection granted by armors that use leather and pelts. As well as one's own skin and hair



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