On day 121 is when the Black Skeleton commanders are brought in by Rou and here is the little snip it from the day that explains them.

Next is explaining why the Black Skeleton Commander and the Black Undead Knight were mentioned in the current population.

These are the results of my little experiment into the history and potency of the Black Skeletons using the [Kodoku] method. Basically it’s an ancient practice of necromancers since ancient times wherein I’m allowing the Black Skeletons to [Rank-Up].

Creating them is actually quite simple.

First, I dig several big holes in the ground, then I put in several Black Skeleton Knights and Black Skeleton Axemen that I’ve been creating since long before I left the base.

For each hole, I put in a total of 20 or so Black Skeletons of any type I feel like and lastly throw in a Black Skeleton Summoner.

The last part is actually quite troublesome to generate.

Then, I put a lid on the hole so they don’t escape and I order them to destroy one another.

The total number of Black Skeletons sealed in each hole is a total of twenty one. To arise as the victor, not only does the Skeleton need to defeat the other twenty Black Skeletons, but also the [Grey Skeletons] that the Black Skeleton Summoner can create.

In actuality, the Grey Skeletons are quite weaker than any version of the Black Skeletons, but since they are continuously spewing forth, there will be quite a few of them and as such they produce quite a fair deal of experience for any of the Black Skeletons that manage to destroy them.

Well, this scheme won’t work as well in the case that the Summoner is destroyed early on, so I ordered that the summoner cannot be killed until there are no other Black Skeletons remaining at the very end of the fight.

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