Black Skeleton is a class of undead warrior that can be created through certain abilities.


Alternative Names:

  • (ブラツクスケルトン) Black Skeleton

Black Skeleton is a creature created by Rou using his [Lesser Summoning: Undead] ability. It stands at 2 meters tall and is equiped with black armor, mantle, curved saber, and a crimson kite shield. It is said that Black Skeletons are comparable or superior to Greater Skeleton. Rou dubbed this type of creature Black Skeleton Knight. They are resistant to slashing and fatigue. After further experimentation, Rou can make various types of black skeletons other than the knight variant (axemen, lancers, archers, and mages). They can last 10 minutes in the sun, but their power is decreased significantly.

Rank Up

Black skeleton which created by Rou has the ability to rank up after being put in the experiment to fight one another.

Class :

  • Black Skeleton Commander
  • Black Undead Knight
  • Black Skeleton Summoner
  • Black Skeleton Rider