On Day 107 Rou ends up absorbing the Giant King, gaining the ability [Lesser Summoning: Giant].

this ability is tested on Day 114. here is where its tested.


three different beings formed, the first was a two and a half meter Ogre, the second was a four meter Troll and the final was a thirteen meter Fomorian. The latter can't be compared to the Giant King though.

All three species were significantly stronger than the usual Skeletons that I would create, though just as my Skeletons, their skin was black.


The Black Formorian is the same as the normal just its black because of Rou's abilitys.

heres the info on the boss of the Formorian's


I wandered further in to the mountains, looking for my next prey. The next thing I encountered was something like a deer, a monster about five meters in stature.

It was pure white with muscles quite developed like that of a leopard. While it looks like a deer, it is obviously a carnivore. It stands tall and gives off the aura of a champion.

As for the rest of its characteristics, it was enormous, similar to that of a giant. It was covered in white hair that gave off a faint glow from the snow and the slight rays of sunlight beating down on it.

It was as if the heavens itself were stating that this beast was divine.

It was as if it was a painting of a majestic spirit.

Without even having to see the front of the beast, I can easily tell this is the boss of the <<Cluster Mountains>>. It's the giant of the giant race [Fomori], the living embodiment of the earth. It has been told to me that the Fomorians are an existence that is stronger than any normal boss monster of a forest or mountain range, and this one stands at the pinnacle of all of them.

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