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Bearbee Queen
Race Bearbee Queen
Debut Day 153
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First seen in Day 153.

Found in the Jadar Mountains.

The Bearbee Queen is twice the size of a normal Bearbee.

Rou captures one to be used as a familiar for Parabellum to help produce honey.

The Bearbee is a magic beast class species of insect. It is a bear that has six legs like a bee, 2 sets of four wings, venomous spines and a partial exoskeleton.

It possesses strong armor, a stinger with powerful poison and a flying ability that leaves it alert and agile like a bee. It's quite frightening.

However, although it possesses a number of traits that a bee has, it has a relatively low population. It could be said that this is a relief, but it seems that their hives hold a decent amount of them, so that's probably an empty feeling.

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