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Balor (バロール)
Biographical Information
Name Balor (バロール)
Gender Male
Title(s) Giant King
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Race (種族) Fomor
Character Information
Location Fomor Mountains
Novel Debut Day 107


Balor is the king of the Fomor encountered on Day 107.

He was surrounded by 4 Fomor and was apparently able to cast magic which he used to some effect in his battle against Luke's party. When the Fomor were defeated he proceeded to battle them himself.

He was finally slain by a sneak attack from Rou who took his head off with a shot from afar.

Killing it fulfills one of the Rank Up conditions: Giant King Killing.


Substantially larger than other Fomorians and has an aura of a great leader.

His head is similar to that of a goat. He has fiery eyes and a stalwart upper body with a tail similar to that of a snake. Lower body is that of a goat, wrapped in black fur. In each hand is a massive club-shaped rock fit for their size and use.

Capable of chanting magic causing massive destruction to the landscape. Vulnerable to sneak attacks while chanting magic.

Abilities Learned from EatingEdit

  • Deadly Evil Eye
  • Overkill
  • Giant King's Supreme Strike
  • Giant King's Dignity
  • Giant King's Wisdom
  • Giant King's Flesh and Blood
  • Giant King's Body
  • Vitality of the Mysterious Giant
  • Giant's Iron Hammer
  • Giant Killing
  • Aspect of the Giants
  • Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya)
  • Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)
  • Complete Aqua Resistance
  • Complete Lightning Resistance
  • Complete Evil Eye Resistance
  • Complete Earth Resistance
  • Region Ruler
  • Tyranny of the King
  • Lesser Summoning: Giant
  • Language of the Giants



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