First seen in Day 157.

The fourth ranked amongst the Six Supreme Commanders. He is a  Midian with his entire body covered in a scarlet metal shell. The metal shell is something similar to an insectoid’s exoskeleton and is the basic characteristic of the metal Midians, being both their main weapon and their personal armor.

Since it symbolizes the Midian, there are some differences between individuals and it’s something each one of them holds great pride in. In the case of Ballark, whose form resembles an ogre, his dull scarlet metallic shell is covered in flames, acting both as his weapon and armor. He is extremely effective in one on one combat.

The intensity of the flames can be changed depending on his intentions. He had sharp spikes protruding from his big limbs and a long tail of fire that seared the ground. Also, although it’s troublesome to use, a part of his metallic shell is capable of shifting into the shape of a sword. The temperature of the flames released were hotter than those of the Red Bear’s.

The Supreme Scarlet Commander Ballark Barak, is from the Atarakua Demon Empire and is the fourth ranked amongst the Six Supreme Commanders. He made it to the finals of the Sternbild Kingdom Tournament of Heroes and defeated the Kirika Empire's Hero of Roaring Thunder to win the tournament due to possessing an ability similar to [Complete Resistance to Thunder]. He was awarded 25 gold plates and various prizes for winning the tournament.