Artunel Bayard Rickenbar
Artunel bayard rickenbar
Biographical Information
Name Artunel Bayard Rickenbar
Aliases Thunder Hero
Gender Female
Title(s) Hero of Roaring Thunder
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Job(s) (職業) Hero
Affiliation Kirika Empire

Eight Great Knights

Character Information
Novel Debut Day 157

Artunel Bayard Rickenbar is the Hero of Roaring Thunder from the Kirika Empire and a member of the Eight Great Knights.


First seen in Day 157.

In addition to being the next head of the Kirika Empire’s grand nobles, the Hero of Roaring Thunder, Artunel Bayard Rickenbar, is the third ranked in the Eight Great Knights and holds great influence within the group. The Hero’s presence is like a prince drawn in a painting, having the usual gender-neutral good looks with blond hair and blue eyes. She’s wearing heavy silver armor and a mantle while wielding a double-edged one-handed sword. Having shown off her good looks by not wearing a helmet, the festival might have just received it’s most high-pitched cheering thus far.

She attended Sternbild Kingdom's 50th Tournament of Heroes, held every 3 years, and made it to the finals. She lost to Atarakua Demon Empire's 4th rank of it's Six Chief Generals, a Midian by the name of Scarlet Chief General, Ballark Barak. Thus, she ranked 2nd place in the tournament and was awarded 20 gold plates and other rewards.

In the tournament, since the Hero is a woman, there were some dirty jeering from the men, but obviously they were ignored.


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