Armored Tanukis are weak animals that live in the Kuuderun Great Forest.


They look like what you'd get if you mix an armadillo and a raccoon dog together, their back is covered with a hard shell. The shell is hard enough to withstand the Horn Rabbit's horn when used as a shield. The meat of the armored tanuki is said to taste good. Rou considers the texture when chewing to be "seriously awesome".


An Armored Tanuki has a shell made from an unknown material which is considered very sturdy. Its hardness can even be proven by its ability to withstand a blow from the horn of a Horned Rabbit.

Obtainable Skills

  • Shell Defense: When using objects made from organic shells, they will have increased defensive power. Increases chance to block damage and reduces the chance of being hit with fatal attacks.
  • Endurance: Increases user's endurance.



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