Apostle Lord
Ogarou (Yatendouji)
Race Apostle Lord
Vajrayaksa Overlord


Alternative Names:

  • アポストルロード
  • 使徒鬼 (Shito-ki)

Apostle Lord is one of the evolutions an ogre can obtain after reaching level 100.

  • Variant (sub-species)
  • Rare Species (希少種)
  • Ex-Species (絶滅種)(エクスピシーズ)(Extinct Species)

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)


-Compared to an Ogre, the Apostle Lord is smaller (2 m height) and has muscles that are more dense.

-On the forehead grows three thick and sharp horns that points directly upwards in an arc.

-Blood-red eyes, able to see long distances.

-Waist-long hair.

-The number of Ogre Orbs appears to relate to the number of Divine Blessings the Apostle Lord possesses (unconfirmed):

Rou has 5 [Ogre Orbs]: one buried in the chest, two on the elbows and two on the knees. The colors of these are a mix of black, red, and gold. These seem to correspond to his Divine Blessings at the time of his Rank-up: [Divine Protection of the Great God of Origin and Demise], [Demigod of Fire’s Divine Protection], [Demigod of War’s Divine Protection], [Demigod of Kindness’s Divine Protection], and [Divine Protection of the Storm God]

Opushii has 2 [Ogre Orbs]: In red and blue colors, in the back of her forearms hidden under the red hair. These seem to correspond to her Divine Blessings at birth: [God of Gem's Divine Protection], and [Demigod of Dark Beast's Divine Protection]

-"Pants included" as biological armor that can be removed but giving incompatibility with other clothing and leaving them half naked (pants only).

-The skin color was initially presumed to be black, as Rou noted his default skin color was black. However, after the birth of Opushii that appears to not be the case. It is now presumed (though unconfirmed) to relate to the primary deity the Apostle Lord is affiliated with (think of it as the God whose Apostle they are): Rou's skin is black, for the Great God of Origin and Demise. Opushii's skin is currently described as "tanned" or "brown", presumably the color associated with one of the deities who has blessed her, likely the God of Gems.


  • Until Rou evolved into one, Apostle Lords were extinct.



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