Items holding multiple abilities, most of them are artifacts.


  • Black Ogre's Chopping Board: An unrefined massive black iron wall-like tower shield. Abilities: [Weight Reduction], [Durable] and [Impact Reflection]
  • Failnaught - an elven bow that generates magic arrows. It's guaranteed to hit whatever it is aimed at provided the shot is not blocked.
  • Vesper's Outer Shell: Octorp [relic] - an exoskeleton in the shape of the High Octorp with tentacles on the back and the octopus legs which could be moved freely with enough practice
  • Vesper's Strange Blade: Octorp - is a sword which its weapon's blade was formed from the jellyfish-like tentacles of the boss with a powerful paralytic poison. it can be used for thrusting or multi knotted whip
  • Vesper's Mysterious Shield: Octorp
  • Curtana - A ceremonial sword of the Royal Family of the Sternbild Kingdom
  • Nagi: Rou's halberd after the【Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King】 was added to it