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Alrich Tin Agba
Biographical Information
Name Alrich Tin Agba
Aliases Dark Hero
Gender Female
Title(s) Hero of Darkness
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Job(s) (職業) Hero
Affiliation Sternbild Kingdom

Four Symbolic Heroes

Character Information
Location Amber Palace
Novel Debut Day 149

A noble from the Sternbild Kingdom. Human female in her teens. Has unkempt white hair with a pale haggard face similar to a sick person.

Has sadistic preferences. Her favorite weapon is a multi-knotted whip known as the ≪Ruler’s Birch, Contra Nine Tail≫.

Assists the First Queen in stalking Rou when she is in the Royal Castle.

Also known as the 【Hero of Darkness】.

Rou just refers to her as Dark Hero.

Arms Edit

  • (Ruler’s Birch) with the name (Contra Nine Tails).

Hobby Edit

Likes to spy on and follow Rou while in the capital city,

Appearance Edit

Human female in her late teens. Has unkempt white hair with a pale haggard face similar to that of a sick person.


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