Biographical Information
Name Akitainu
Aliases Akikazenotsuji (True Name)
Gender Male
Title(s) Loyal Samurai Dog
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Kobold Shogun
Rank Kobold Leader
Affiliation Kobold Clan

18 Demon Warlords

Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Debut Day 64

Akitainu is the leader of the Kobold Clan, and under Rou's command.


Kobold SamuraiEdit

As a Kobold Samurai, he looks like a man in his late thirties. With dog ears and a tail, he carries a sword around his waist. Equipped with a kimono and vermilion colored gloves which have tones of black, he greatly resembles a Samurai cosplayer.

Kobold Shogun Edit

Becoming Kobold Shogun, he had a vivid scarlet armor of black color in the old Japanese style, covering the entire body. His main weapon was the spear with a live cross, crescent-shaped tip. However, his body resembles a much larger version of a conventional kobold. Now his brutal appearance, was more impressive then a average ogre.

He had a sharp look that scoured in search of prey, sharp claws that could rip the ground. If he howls, weaklings lose their fighting spirit.

Possessing not only animal instincts, but high intelligence and military equipment,he could control his own kobold subordinates like his own hands.

Personality Edit

Chronology Edit

While the Kobold Clan was on the run from the skeleton mob, he made the decision to lead the surviving clan members to seek Rou's help.

Rank UpEdit

Race Day
Kobold Unknown
Kobold Footman Unknown
Kobold Samurai Day 81
Kobold Shogun Day 255


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