Japanese Name: 【八陣ノ鬼将】

English Name: 【Eight Demon Generals】

The 8 Demon Generals, Consisting of Minokichi, Asue, Kanami, Burasato, Supesei, Seiji, Kugime, and Irofu are the second in command to Rou in his Book of Psalms. It should also be noted that they are all in the same rank as Rou in terms of evolution.


First mentioned in Day 198.

Combined attack of the 8 demons first seen in Day 244.

Part of Rou's Book of Psalms.


When together, they can use a special union attack known as [Destructive Strike: Annihilation Trigram of the 8 Demons], an attack that "bundles and fuses the mysterious powers of the 8 demons and converts it into a black flash". It has the capability of piercing the clouds, and even heavily injure Dragon Empress when she is only slightly wounded, with the cost being all 8 demon generals completely drained of their stamina.

Depending on who fuses their power in the union attack, the attack takes on different attributes and gains power.

[The Face of Emptiness (Construction of 8 Demons)]: After at least 2 of the 8 demons have gathered, effects are imposed upon them, and additional members gain additional effects. Depending on the basic specialty of each general, such as attack, defense, or stealth [The Face of Emptiness (Construction of 8 Demons)] gives the corresponding effect to all of the members gathered.

Known Members

The 8 Demon Generals titles and latest promotions:

1) Minokichi

Day 113: Title [Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe] was awarded.

Day 244: [Great King Thunderous Bulls (Giga Minoterios)]

2) Kanami

Day 120: Title [Empress of the Ice World] was awarded

Day 244[Ice Blood True Vampire (superior species)].

3) Asue

Day 120: Title [Earth's Crust Thundering Hammer] was awarded.

Day 244: [Hell Demon King (Variant)]

4) Burasato

Day 175: Title [Frightening Blade of Dried Rust] was awarded.

Day 244: [Bloody Raid Empress (Variant)].

5) Supesei

Day 175: Title [Priestess of Collapsing Stars] was awarded.

Day 244: [Spiritian Queen Witches Stars (Variant)]

6) Irofu

Day 197: Title [Rotting Guide of Severe Misfortune] was awarded

Day 244[Adelheid (New species)].

7) Seiji

Day 197: Title [Merciful Father’s Light of Salvation] was awarded

Day 244[Sereneness King (Variant)]

8) Kugime

Day 216: Title [Eyed demon, Deputy Commander] was awarded

Day 244[Kugionihime (Variant)].


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