18 Demon Warlords is an elite team in Parabellum under Rou and the 8 Demon Generals.

First mentioned in Day 217.

Lower rank and weaker than the 8 Demon Generals, but still part of Rou's Psalms.

The 18 Demon Warlords are:

  • Day 240: Title: Battle Beast of Steel ; Steel Crowback (Rusty Iron Knight)
  • Day 240: Title: Beautiful Flower; Doriane Duboué (Dryad)
  • Day 254: Title: Red Deadly Fury; Rubellia Walline (Redhead)
  • Day 255: Title: Loyal Samurai Dog; Akitainu (True Name: Akikazenotsuji) 
  • Day 255: Title: Brilliant Mercy Righteous Knight; Therese East Eckermann (Female Knight)
  • Day 259: Title: King of Demonic Bears; Kumajirou
  • Day 259: Title: Emperor Black Wolf; Kurosaburou
  • Day 272: Title: Annihilation Corpse; Scarface
  • Day 272: Title: Sakura Samurai Trader, Royal Samurai; Sumeragi Kaede (Female Samurai)
  • Day 280: Title: Purgatory Sword; Netsuki  (Fire Lord-kun ; True Name: Irugureddo)
  • Day 280: Title: Gladiator Demon; Liger Bazette (Gladiator King)
  • Day 280: Title: Five Karma Oni; The Paraberangers
  • Day 302: Title: Golden Guns Princess; Auro
  • Day 302: Title: Silver Spear King; Argento
  • Day 320: Title: Rampaging King; Oniwaka

For the moment only 15 of the 18 are known.

Gallery Edit

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