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First mention on Day 324

The 10 Fang Generals are general class beastmen that serve under the Beast King Lionel of the Eastgrand Beast Kingdom. It is said that their strength is on par with the 6 Chief Generals.

Fang General Members

  1. First Fang - Earth Tiger Fang General [Lionel's Daughter] Earthty (promoted to Beast Queen)
  2. Second Fang - Lightning Leopard Fang General [Volta Bifarog] Chichiruta Rachira (deceased)
  3. Third Fang - ???
  4. Fourth Fang - Black Spotted Fang General [Blotch Bifarog] Hyelda Darfus (deceased)
  5. Fifth Fang - Manly Monkey Fang General [Gorilla Bifarog] Gori Gorila (deceased)
  6. Sixth Fang - River Horse Fang General [Hispor Bifarog] Hippopo Tamos (deceased)
  7. Seventh Fang - ???
  8. Eighth Fang - ???
  9. Ninth Fang - Hunting Rabbit Fang General [Vobbit Bifarog] Rabbi Totori (deceased)
  10. Tenth Fang - Crimson Boar Fang General [Katoboar Bifarog] Bran Bull (deceased)

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